I Faced It All And I Stood Tall And Did It My Way

Hello, how are you all? If you have read the last blog about my time in Indonesia, I hope you liked it. Here is my final offering…..for now! But if you have enjoyed reading about my experiences whilst away, know that I can have just as much fun in England and if I don’t, I’m confident that I can make some mundane stuff quite funny and readable. So I may do a blog about going to Biddy Hill, New Brighton Beach or Storeton Woods. The pictures may not be as exotic, but it’s the content you’re after isn’t it? What I’m saying is keep your eyes on the website, as I may throw an occasional blog up for your perusal and enjoyment. (more…)

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You’ll Remember Me When The West Wind Moves Upon The Fields of Bali

Hello readers. How are you all? I’m good. Thanks for asking. I’m just finished my breakfast and I’m overlooking the sea in Goa. Not bad for a Monday morning hey? The last blog was a few weeks behind and was about my time in Singapore and Malaysia. This one too is just over a week behind and will be about my time in Indonesia. I hope you enjoy it. (more…)

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Hey…..Must Be The Mui Ne

In one of my previous posts, I said I was going to try and title all future blogs with song names. I have decided that this can include lyrics from songs as well.   This one is a bit of a play on words from Nelly’s 2001 hit ‘Ride Wit Me,’ where, in answer to questions including; ‘Why do I live this way?’ there’s the response of ‘Hey, must be the money.’ Sing it to yourself but change ‘money’ for ‘Mui Ne’ and hey presto, you have the new blog’s title. It’s like something the Daily Star would do. Clever hey?   We could even have a bit of a competition, whereby I put the title of the blog as a song lyric and you, the reader, can message me and let me know what the song is and who the artist is.  From the correct answers, I will pick one lucky (unlucky) person to cook for.  Who likes beans on toast? (more…)

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Hot Legs

I ended my last blog by saying I was off out to explore Hue. I said that Hue was cold. It remained cold for the duration of my stay, which was only one day and one night. That was enough. I’d gone there on the overnight bus from Ninh Binh, where the weather was glorious and we’d been on the boat, through the caves and within the vicinity of Samuel L Jackson. It was apparent that the shorts and t-shirt combo I was wearing would need to be amended or at the very least, added to. Trainie/pants dilemma reared its ugly head again. I would like to say as time goes on and I’m continuously faced with this dilemma, I am getting more comfortable with it, but I’m not. It’s still as painful on the eye as it was the first time. (more…)

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Come Fly With Me…..

It’s been a few days since I last posted a blog. I have now arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam. I just about made the flight. I will explain why further on.

The last time I wrote I had had a strange day in Chiang Mai. It had started off well on the Mae Ping River Cruise and then sort of curtailed during the day with the incidents with the cars and then the evening was uneventful due to everywhere being shut.  I did, however book to go to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary the following day. (more…)

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