Come Fly With Me…..

It’s been a few days since I last posted a blog. I have now arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam. I just about made the flight. I will explain why further on.

The last time I wrote I had had a strange day in Chiang Mai. It had started off well on the Mae Ping River Cruise and then sort of curtailed during the day with the incidents with the cars and then the evening was uneventful due to everywhere being shut.  I did, however book to go to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary the following day. (more…)

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Baby You Can Drive My Car…..erm!

I arrived in Chiang Mai this morning, after being awoken by one of the assistants on the train offering me breakfast. The ‘sandwich’ I’d ordered the night before was tightly wrapped in cling film. On the plate was the bread, the eggs, the ham and the sausage (with a side salad) and if I wanted to eat it as a sandwich, I had to make it up myself.  I decided to just eat it in bits as the effort of turning it into a sandwich as the train rumbled along the tracks was too strenuous.


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